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Regenerating soil and land under solar panels

This is a very good idea:

Future Crunch

Looking for inspiration?  Here is a site self-described as  "A Weekly Roundup of science, technology and intelligent optimism (not necessarily in that order.)"  I thought is was kinda cool. Subscription required though.

Women. With Credentials.

When Joel Epstein of the Wall Street Journal shared his opinion about Dr. Jill Biden’s title, my reaction was visceral. It felt to me like a gut punch. We are still commenting on Hillary’s hair? It brought me back to the 1980s. Fresh with my own credentials  —  a degree in Engineering from Stanford University and a Professional Mechanical Engineer license — I had secured my first position as an Industrial Power Engineer at a Fortune 500 company. I faced off head-to-head with a crusty electrical foreman who declared: “I don’t like working with women. You should be home with your family.” I retorted, “What decade are you from? 1870? Put a bag on your head!” In retrospect, I can say this: at least he was honest. We shared a laugh, and later an excellent working relationship. Still, with countless industrial customers with whom I worked, I felt I needed to be twice as good as my male counterparts in order to be considered by them as even minimally competent. A couple of years later, when I

Restoring Damaged Ecosystems

In May of 2019, I attended the Global Earth Repair conference in Port Townsend WA.  There I met John Liu and was deeply inspired by his keynote on the topic of restoring large-scale damaged ecosystems.  You can check out the conference and hear his talk here:  

New Story Hub

A few years ago I was working on an idea and ended up taking a detour so never got the idea fully launched.  (I called it New Story Center)  Luckily, it turns out that Findhorn has been at it for awhile and is doing a fantastic job! They call their project "New Story Hub".  Check it out: -   You can find a great list of resources here: