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Need hope?

UPDATED 6pm 9/22 The after-watch party is as good as the movie!  Here is the party link on youtube: UPDATED 9/22/2020 Yes, solutions are still possible! If you need hope, then watch this KISS THE GROUND trailer. Kiss the Ground THE MOVIE premiers September 22, 2020!   NEXT STEPS STEP 1: WATCH THE FILM. The 87 minute film is on Netflix. Watch now! here is link to the movie: STEP 2: JOIN THE BIGGER "KISS THE GROUND" WATCH PARTY -- with cast and filmmakers: here is a link to RSVP - (with cast and crew) at 6pm on FB live: The event details are on FB here: STEP 3: CONTINUE THE LOCAL CONVERSATION  here is a link to the New Story mighty network where we can chat about it before, during and after .