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What if Global Warming is Happening for Us?

Pachamama Alliance recently interviewed author Paul Hawken on the topic of why it is important to set a goal to REVERSE global warming--and how that is possible.  He asks a provocative question: What if global warming is happening for us?  What if it isn't a fight against at all, but a call to a deeper understanding? In his book Drawdown , scientists offer a rigorosly researched solutions for reversing Global Warming.  Most are already underway.  We are on this!  Let's accelerate it An Introduction to Drawdown . .

The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible

Charles Eisenstein author of The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible , offers a heart-opening view of this moment in time.  Watch: If you haven't read his book, you are in for a treat. Want more insights and inspiration?  I'll be sharing these in a 30 day "what Can One Person Do About Global Warming?" activation series here:

What Can one Person Do About Global Warming?

Learn more at This weekend Loretta and I went to visit our grandbabies. And it occurred to me that it is important to me to be able to take them outside. But here's the thing--I can't. Why? Because I do not want them to breathe the air that has been deemed "unhealthy" and "unsafe" --smokey air that is causing us to cough and wheeze every day. The wildfires that rage throughout the forests in the Western U.S. have transformed trees and wildlife and homes into smoke. And this is not one or two days of smoke. These fires will last the WHOLE FREAKING SUMMER into the Autumn. We will breathe smoke until it rains in November--assuming we can count on that in this crazy year of climate catastrophe. I ask those of you who are parents and grandparents--Is this what you wanted for your children and grandchildren? A whole summer of being cooped up inside? Breathing noxious air? And what about next summer? And the summer after that

Rainforest Journey with Pachamama Alliance

I've not shared the rainforest experience with anyone really... I somehow don't have the words. Loretta and I returned from the Ecuadorian rainforest only to be evacuated due to wildfire and now, with the air here so needing those "lungs of the planet," it almost seems self-indulgent to remember how easy it was to breathe there. But one of our lovely traveling companions created this awesome video that shares the journey in ways that mere words cannot. So, enjoy. P.S. You'll want to watch this in full screen mode.