Month: June 2018

Learning more – for the journey.

So I am reading about the Achuar and the Amazon this morning and came across this description: "Potential dangers are ever present: quicksand, biting insects and spiders, poison snakes, thorns, and falling limbs. Attractive fruits and berries may be deadly. Predators such as anacondas and jaguars...

Preparing – day by day

Amazon Update: Body Prep Plan ~ phase one in place ~ I am walking one mile three days a week, 2 miles another three days, and five miles on the seventh day. So far ~ so good! Now I am beginning the Mind Prep Plan ~ phase one ~ reading three books from the Pachamama Alliance reading list each...

Yes! We are ready for the journey!

The decision is made! Denise and I will be journeying to the Amazon with the Pachamama Alliance in July 2018! Today I began my journaling - so appropriate on this Epiphany Day when we honor the three Kings/Wise Ones who "traveled afar, following the star." I am soooooo excited!

A Framework for Changing Anything

Believe that change is possible.Why?  Because it is!Here is how it happens:If you haven't already done so, be sure to join my "What can one person do to reverse global warming?" activation series.More information on the series at http://www.breathablefuture.comDenise