Remember Tomorrowland?

When I was five years old, I was introduced to the Magic Kingdom.  I loved all the themes, but especially enjoyed Tomorrowland and "The City of the Future."  I knew in my heart that technology
would make everything even better.

Fast forward fifty four years...

Today we have technology in the palm of our hand that even Walt Disney's imagineers never imagined.  We have a television studio and a powerful computer in our pocket, we are connected with one another around the globe.   You would think that we have indeed created a technological future that we imagined over fifty years ago.

But we aren't living in Utopia.  Somewhere along the way, we drifted off the rails.  Only a handful of people are allowed in the gated community of Utopia and everyone else is left in the dystopian futures of the Matrix. Or Mad Max. Or Idiocracy.

Why are our latest imaginings so uninspired?  What ever happened to Tomorrowland?

In a recent movie of the same name: Tomorrowland, this question was asked: "When did we stop imagining a positive future for ourselves and our world?" When did we believe that the future would be bleak and there is little we can do to change that?

I reckon we have a choice.

Despite the challenges humans and our planet face together, we can choose to re-imagine a positive future for ourselves, one where humans live in right relationship with the living systems and with each other.

We can choose to believe it is possible.

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