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Remember Tomorrowland?

When I was five years old, I was introduced to the Magic Kingdom.  I loved all the themes, but especially enjoyed Tomorrowland and "The City of the Future."  I knew in my heart that technology would make everything even better. Fast forward fifty four years...

Optimism is a Political Act

Cynicism is obedience.  From a great article by Alex Steffan : " Entrenched interests use despair, confusion and apathy to prevent change. They encourage modes of thinking which lead us to believe that problems are insolvable, that nothing we do can matter, that the issue is too complex to present even the opportunity for change. It is a long-standing political art to sow the seeds of mistrust between those you would rule over: as Machiavelli said, tyrants do not care if they are hated, so long as those under them do not love one another."

The Story of Earth in 2 Minutes

A powerful video - story in images. (not to time scale, obviously). Enjoy.