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Get inspired. Stay inspired. #Resist

Here's the thing--we need to BE STRATEGIC with our energies because overwhelm and cynicism can lead to despair, and indeed this is the objective of the rapid-fire actions coming our way. Shock and awe. First, recognize that we are in a marathon, not a sprint and we need to develop our personal capacities to act quickly, strategically and with passion & force.   Here is what I am doing personally so I can go the long haul: 

Why I March...

Today was joyful, peaceful, powerful... electric and spectacular! (In Napa, we even cheered and sent love to the loud guy with a Trump flag driving by.) We are not protesters. We are marchers who rise up and stand for what we love and value: dignity, justice for all, and Earth herself. This is who we are. Why do we march? It is not complicated as some would have you believe.

Fear is Useless

I’m not certain of the exact moment it begins.  Maybe it is when I decide to cruise Facebook and online news sites in hopes that there will be good political news.  Who am I kidding?  Even if there is good news, I am pretty sure that the corporate media doesn’t plan to share it with me. Why help me feel good when they can get me to buy more of what they are selling. Here is what they are selling: Fear. My body feels fear well before I realize what is happening.  A tightness in the pit of my stomach, maybe a constriction in my chest.  A random thought enters my mind: I wonder if I should buy some grain to store in cupboards… or more toilet paper.  Just in case. Before I even notice the anxiety,  my imagination is bent on worry.  My creativity transforms into

View From the Sun

Welcome to the EarthLover blog.  Here you will find art that celebrates the beauty, creativity and sacredness of Planet Earth. 50% of the proceeds of any original art featured on this site will go toward organizations and initiatives that help renew, restore and reimagine humanity's relationship with our living planet.  (the remainder will be used to purchase more art supplies, so the art keeps going as long as I do). This one is called View from the Sun. ... Check back from time to time as there is more to come.   -- Denise Rushing  aka EarthLover   --  Original Painting, Mixed Media,  24x24 in.