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What if ... You Matter More Than You Think?

(Remarks shared with the UU of Lake County on 6/19/16) One of the things I have always admired about the Unitarian congregation around the globe is its long history of standing for justice in word and deed.  My words for you this morning--entitled "You Matter More Than You Might Think" -- were originally intended to challenge your thinking for the next chapter in your personal story, with the idea that our thoughts matter,  our words matter, and our actions matter (no matter how small) as part of the larger unfolding story.  My firm belief is that if each of us lives life full out, to our most creative potential, that we make the difference we were born to make. I prepared a talk for this congregation a couple of weeks ago. And this morning, I decided to take it in a wholly different direction and speak from the heart on this topic.  Not about a personal story.  But our collective story. That whether our work is large or small.. we must prepare our minds, hearts a

The "Why" Behind Great Work

I've admired many people in life and all of them seemed to know exactly what they were meant to be doing from the time they were very small.  At least this is how the story goes.  It is as if they somehow popped out of the womb knowing they were meant to work with chimpanzees in Kenya, organize a march on the Mall in Washington D.C., or create an insanely great product that changed the world.  This process seemed so magical to me that I decided to interview as many of the people I admire as I could to discover their secrets.  To date, I’ve interviewed over sixty admirable thought-leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders, and I’ve asked the same questions: How did you first get started doing what you do now?  When did you know this was your Great Work?  Did you always have this passion or did it show up later in life? As I looked a little closer at their lives, much of the time I discovered that their magnificent accomplishments took years of trial and error.  I discovered t