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Different Dreams

Google me and you might find that I once sat behind a mahogany desk In a corner office with a view of the bay I decided things of importance, and thought myself so   Awake. Ah, but wisdom found my hiding places, Haunting me with dreams of twisting buildings  and tidal waves And earth shifting, opening wide the ground beneath my feet.   Now, I spread straw in the orchard. I harvest snow peas and snap beans and sage, I create fragrant, savory soup from fresh kale.      Squash and tomatoes fill my baskets in summer... I am as morning mist descends from our mountain and white pelicans ride gossamer threads above our waters I make clay pots, and   pray amidst dancing trees, listening Deeply called to heal the land   from a wildness within me that doesn't decide anything, Yet knows what it means to be in this place, Enchanted and magical, Loving.   At night, I dream different dreams.     

Averting a Desecration

2200 acres of sacred land on the James River. land that has been entrusted to the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, is at risk for sale under the rationale "money is needed to do our work".  This land represents the true legacy of this congregation and the most important work of our time--preservation of wild places so Earth can heal.   Photos here include the Slave Cemetery on site, the Granary which was to become a Thomas Berry Earth literacy center, the grounds that converted a former southern plantation into transformative education for future african-american leaders. I find it so ironic that SBS is considering selling Belmead in order to "continue the work of the congregation", when Belmead and its surrounding estate is THE most significant legacy and represents SBS’s greatest work at this moment in time.  Thomas Berry (mystic, theologian, seer and widsom figure for our age) himself shared the following message with this congregation at their Motherhouse

Fed Up?

The Movie Trailer is out and the topic is more than a little bit horrifying.. and well worth watching: Michael Pollan is featured in Fed Up .  He is the author of : "Food Rules"--a wonderful little guide  that's essentially a really really short version of his book "In Defense of Food"  It has easy to implement "rules" like: "Don't eat anything that comes in through the window of your car" and "Eat Your Colors."  (except blue perhaps).  In fact, his book is easy enough to follow that I've actually followed it.  I feel healthier and more energetic now that I did in my thirties. The last frontier for me was sugar in all its refined forms.  About four months ago, I gave up eating sugar and its truly evil cousin: high fructose corn syrup.   It was a difficult habit to kick.  After seeing the movie trailer, now I know why. --Denise