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Everything is a Garden:

How to Thrive and Prosper While Changing the World.  Some thoughts on social and spiritual permaculture with the good folks at Benicia Community Gardens.

A Whole Day

Earth Day 2015... we awoke to ten deer in the orchard.  Deer represent gentleness and self care, and that is how we plan to celebrate this most holy (whole) of days. Happy Earth Day

The Five People Cammie Meets in Heaven.

I share the following reflection with those gathered at my sister Cammie's memorial service on April 19, 2015. --Denise Recently, I read the book “ The Five People You Meet in Heaven ” by Mitch Albom  The story is about a man named Eddie who dies thinking that his life did not amount to much. At the time of his death, Eddie held onto anger for the injuries that befell him, regret for what he could not do, and he was still grieving his losses.   In this story, Eddie meets five people in heaven who gave him perspective about his life. Cammie At first, it seems that these people were chosen at random—-but it turns out that each shared an aspect of who Eddie was and why he lived.  These were people he had hurt (or even accidentally killed), people he needed to forgive, people who changed his life for the worse or for the better, people who taught him how to love and be loved.  We do not always know who most impacts our life. I got to thinking… Who would be the five pe