What is yours to do?

I often feel like the little fish Nemo in the Pixar movie “Finding Nemo.”   Nemo’s job was to get all the fish to pull in the same direction—to do what was theirs to do in the moment of peril.   So too, we must put all our efforts into pulling in the direction of what is ours to do.

The biggest question:  What is mine to do?  I cannot answer it for you--only you can do that.  I can strive to answer it for myself. 
 To you, I will post the question:

What is yours to do at this moment in time?

Our best next step might be large or small.  It might be easy or difficult, evolutionary or revolutionary.  It might be to rest or to act.

I cannot know what it is for you, nor you for me.

What I do know is this: something deep inside of you knows. Once you discover that part of yourself, align with it, and commit to the next step, anything can happen.  You will enter into the creative edge and participate in unfolding story—your part of The Great Work.

If you need help discovering and listen to your own "heart voice" --I recommend Loretta's new kindle book Discovering Your Heart Voice

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