Saying No to Say Yes

One Simple Foundational Shift  

What if you could immediately reduce overwhelm and easily and firmly say no to distractions? 

What if you could make a single shift to your thinking that would enable you to not only recognize the difference between a distraction and necessary action but turn "squirrel" energy into a real opportunity? 

What if virtually everyone who is successful in this dynamic environment has consciously or unconsciously adopted this approach?

What I discovered turned my business around.  This one concept changed everything and set up the conditions so that I could thrive and grow.  And an improvement in my sense of well-being was almost immediate—with better business results following within the first couple of weeks!  

Chances are that you have not yet discovered this shift you need to thrive in this living system of commerce because no one is talking about it.  And why would they?  Most marketing today creates a fear-based squirrel chasing energy that manipulates you into buying.   Intentions may be good—in fact the products are often good too—it’s just that without the right foundational thinking, the right understanding about where you are in your business, these programs are nothing but squirrels. 

And the solution is very simple.  (but not necessarily easy to implement) and it is this:

Clearly identify your next best step and spend at least 80%+ of your energies on it until it is accomplished.  Say NO to anything and everything that doesn’t accomplish that next step.

That’s it.

Easier said than done, I know.    In future posts, I will share with you root practices that work to clarify each and every decision you need to make, large or small so that you can know your next best step and  focus on it until it is accomplished, setting aside other distractions, and keeping chaos and squirrels at bay.

The art is really first getting to the heart of knowing your best next step and WHY it is your next best step.  The distracting marketing of the outside world is doing its best to define that best next step for you.  You cannot let that happen.  This is something you must do for yourself.

You must collect your tools and strategies to define that step for yourself—so you can make good decisions about what is next.  The better you are at this, the better your decisions will be, the more clarity and joy (and yes, abundance) is possible.

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