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Day 1 of the Summer Book Adventure

So... the Hero's Journey Summer Book Adventure begins and I enter into the unknown world ... As a first step, I need to recommit to my rhythmic structure.  it helps me stay focused, productive, and allows my creativity to emerge as the psyche/muse does its magic.  So I started this morning.  As it turns out, I wasted 20 minutes looking for that nearly-blank journal for my morning pages and ended up cleaning off my desk instead of getting started. (just noticing, and trying not to judge) So my first morning page entry is doing double duty as this blog entry... with my musings about the importance of rhythmic structure. Rhythmic structure is important. For me, I need to start with elements that calm my mind chatter... with 30 minutes of meditation and at least two binder-size pages of stream-of-consciousness writing, though I realize Julia Cameron of The Artist's Way suggest 3 pages.  (It's my structure, I can do what I need to. ) Here is what I am putting in p