Soulwork Adventures

Have you ever tired to solve a problem - a suduko puzzle? a relationship challenge? a choice between two good opportunities? Have you expended lots of time and energy to find an answer that eludes you? Only to step away from the trying so hard - to distract yourself with a totally different activity - and lo! the answer comes. This has happened to me so often.

The series of Soulwork Adventures that I will be posting here weekly are meant to be simple, grounded, enjoyable experiences that give us a way to step out of our "solution mind" into an "allowing mind". So acknowledge that you are trying to solve a problem, if possible let it go for now, and take time to engage in a Soulwork Adventure:

Sometimes our inner “season” can seem out of sync with the outer season. Snow can be falling and freezing winds can be whipping around us, yet our hearts are warm with anticipation and blossoming with hope. 
Create a symbol of your inner season this week. Find a small box – a brown lunch bag is fine. Decorate the outside of the box/bag with pictures and words that are expressions of the present season: summer, winter, spring, or fall. 
During the week gather pictures, write down words, and find trinkets that seem to match your inner season. What are you experiencing inside? For example, inside you is it: a summer of refreshment, an autumn of change, a winter of surrender, or a spring of blossoming? Each day place the pictures or words or trinkets in the decorated container. At the end of the week, empty them out and consider their meaning in your life at this time. Be present to the insights that arise and give thanks.

At the end of the week go back to the "problem" - any new insights? or is it still a puzzle? Even if there is still no solution in sight, how does it feel to have done the inner and outer season activity? Was it more beneficial than only focusing on the challenge being faced. I will post my answer next week - hope you do too.

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