Today: Thomas Berry Inspired Earth Centers

 From Timberlake Farm Earth Sanctuary to St. Francis/St. Emma in Powhaten, VA, today the presence of Thomas Berry was evident.  Serendipity led us to the beautiful meeting at Timberlake where we conversed about Thomas (and John).  I was taken with the place and the energies that created it and reminded that we need our great story to guide us along with inspiration from within.  I also found myself sharing so much about what was happening at home in Lake County around local food, timebanking and entrepreneurship and noticed an overwhelming sadness well up within me when I shared the plight of our local watershed and the struggle to protect it.
Timberlake Farm Earth Sanctuary in NC
Welcome to VA
Belmead, --St. Francis/St. Emma,
Powhaten, VA

Belmead Mansion --St. Francis/St. Emma, VA

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