The Tribute Journey -- Preparation

On August 21st, we will embark on a cross- country trip as a tribute to the memory of Loretta's brother John and his deep love for Mother Earth.  In the next weeks, we will share more about John and we invite you to both join us on a journey of tribute to him and to reflect on your own journey.

Loretta writes:
"I learned about “tribute making” in 2000 while participating in a twelve-week grief recovery program, The Phoenix Project, led by Dr. Jack Miller. Tribute making involves an outer expression of an inner truth that one has grown to understand through an honest and loving grief process.

Tributes can be a simple as writing a poem, as complicated as digging a new well, and as creative as producing a book or collage that captures the loved one’s life story.  It all depends on who is creating the tribute and who is being remembered. Creating and embarking on this trip as our tribute has unfolded as a powerful healing experience for both of us.

With this trip we want to do four things:
  1. Honor John’s generous, simple spirit,
  2. Collect stories for the book we will be writing about the last decade of John’s life,
  3. Spread John’s message of love and peace to the whole world as we travel and
  4. Give John one last trip across the country.
John deeply desired to make one more trip, but his diminishing health hindered him.  So we are making this final trip for him.  We will be bringing John's remains to their final resting place St. Francis/St. Emma in Powhatan, VA and will celebrate his life with a Ritual: Remembering John on August 31st at 5:30PM, followed by a potluck meal.

You are invited to come along with us in spirit as we travel.  You can do this in a number of ways: Join us in thought and prayer and/or contribute toward the expenses of our trip and, at the same time, support one of the places dear to John’s heart. If you live close enough, join us for the ritual of remembrance. For more information and a chance to participate in this tribute, please visit our Journey for John page at:

Loretta McCarthy (also known as Earthwalker) is deeply engaged in tending and cultivating the garden of the soul, through spiritual companioning and soulwork adventures.  Contact Loretta  here.

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