Sun and Wind Power - NOW!

Today we drove through Kansas. No sign of "Dorothy or Toto", but abundant sightings of wind turbines creating energy as they turned slowly on the hillsides. Denise and I realized that this is a new addition to the landscape along I-70, from when we had traveled this way almost five years ago. There may have been a few then, but now they are plentiful.

John's passion for promoting his project: "Love and Peace to the Whole World" went through many transitions. In fact it started as " Mother Earth against Money" until he had a conversation with Denise in 2006 about setting up a website for his dream. She encouraged him to put a positive spin on his message and so, "People 4 Mother Earth" was conceived. Each year John created a new bumper sticker. In 2009 the message was: Sun and Wind Power Now! Though John recognized, as we do, the hazards that come along with wind turbines, he felt strongly that there was an urgent need to create alternative forms of  energy. Hopefully we will continue to find nonviolent ways to harness the energies that surround us.

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