One Day - Four States

The driving was easy - mostly straight and relatively flat. With a speed limit of 75mph, except in some construction spots, and two drivers we chose to travel over 720 miles so we could take it a little easier when we got into more congested areas. We started in Utah, drove through Wyoming and Colorado, and are ready for a good night's sleep in Goodland, Kansas. John is surely pleased with us. :-)

I've noticed that people ask one of two questions when we stop for gas or something to eat. "Where are you from? or "Where are you going?" We certainly have the look of being "tourists". Yesterday in Utah the first question was predominate. We usually answered with "Lake County" or "northern California", but when the clerk in a store in Winnemucca asked, we said Upper Lake in Lake County. Her response: "I used to live in Lake County: Lower Lake to be exact. I am going there next week to visit a friend in Hidden Valley Lake." Small world, after all!

In Wyoming today the second question seemed to be more popular. "Where are you going?" Telling them "Virginia" led to a puzzled look and a "that's a mighty long way" response. A wonderful opening for us to tell the story of our travel tribute in memory of John - his five cross country trips to help out at Earth Spirituality Centers during the last decade of his life. A simple story that seems to touch people and elicit hope and admiration.

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