From California to Nevada

The day began with a flock of hummingbirds wishing us a joy-filled trip – right in the middle of the food forest at Dancing TreePeople. As we entered the Sierra Nevada dark clouds and lightning hurried us through the mountains. A brief stop at the Emigrant Museum at Donner Pass brought the farm back to our minds – among the native animal species displayed (stuffed, of course) was a ground squirrel – the “arch enemy” of organic walnut orchards.

The best part of our day was having lunch in Sacramento with Zac Sergio and his mother, Nina. They
have been friends with John for years. It was good to share stories from the past and to hear of present happenings and future plans. Zac is in college – his second year – and hopes to study psychiatry. I can almost see John’s smile and feel his pride – John followed Zac’s life as a loving grandfather would.

We had a simple supper at an Asian restaurant near our hotel – delicious noodle soup. My fortune: Connect with good friends at a distance. Tell them what is happening. Seriously that is what it said. Now it is time for a good night’s

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