Don't Miss Tending the Soul's Garden in May

May 3-4, 2013 at Rockhaven Ecozoic Center in House Springs, MO.
Tending the Soul’s Garden:

How to Thrive and Prosper While Changing the World.

Where do you begin when you care about everything?  In this working session, learn how you can both sustain your energies as a changemaker and create greater impact as you engage in the Great Work of renewing and transforming our world.


    The most critical mindset shift you MUST have to succeed as a changemaker;
    How to choose leveraged projects with the greatest potential to shift entire systems;
    How to dramatically increase your impact, leverage and reach;
    How to thrive as a changemaker, even in hostile ecosystems;
    How to manifest the New Story with grounded and engaged spirituality;

We begin by nurturing the soil: the soil of the soul and in the various gardens we tend in our lives. Soil is where life begins: and the cycle of life continues.  Infused with spirit, the archetypal soil of mother earth brings us to a new way of being, transforming our world as an outward expression of our inner journey.

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