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Good Good Food

In the last 24 hours, I chose meals that were locally grown--all grown almost entirely from my own farm and garden. Yesterday, I ate "farm-grown fast food" for dinner: 2 giant freestone peaches off my peach tree, a handful of cherry tomatoes off my tomato vines, a bunch of grapes off my grape vines and a sparkling glass of mint-ice water using the mint from my herb garden. This morning for breakfast: A scramble--a sliced zuchinni from the garden sauteed in locally-produced olive oil with two farm fresh eggs (produced by my chickens), seasoned with chives and basil. For lunch today I am having some more grapes, and a fresh tomato salad with walnuts and an herb vinagrette. And for dessert: some of Sky Hoyt's local strawberry sorbet. In our country, food travels, on average, 1500 miles from producer to table, requiring huge amounts of fossil fuels both to grow it and deliver it. Most of THIS food traveled less than 100 feet. And I guarantee it tastes a lot better. Everyth

Roots of the Tree

Permaculture  Root Practices: Root practices are a way to approach design.  They are also good practice for problem-solving. Here are the three root practices in permaculture: (1) THOUGHTFUL AND PROTRACTED OBSERVATION Observation that takes place over an extended period of time with thoughtful intention to our interaction with elemental forces, patterns and cycles of the natural world. (2) START SMALL THEN EXPAND Avoid unrecoverable regrettable major errors by testing and small scale implementation first. Implement in phases and with the understandings of your actions. being aware of scale and scope of a project. Remember that every action causes a reaction. (3) WHOLE SYSTEMS THINKING Everything is connected to everything else in some way, shape or form. Credit: Above based upon a Permaculture Document compiled by Benjamin Fahrer

Natural building. continued...

We are still in the process of building a small demonstration cottage from cob (monolithic adobe) and strawbales. Here is a pictorial chronicle of the progress so far. Enjoy: