Untended, Unintended

Untended. The walnut orchard is overgrown as we cultivate other actions this spring. My campaign for supervisor takes precedence this season, and many neighbors and friends are wholeheartedly working to make it happen. Still, it is difficult to see the oat cover crop go to seed on unplanted beds. (My no-till grain planting experiment WORKED!)

Unintended. I moved some hay bales away from the chicken coops today. When I lifted one of the bales, out scurried a half-dozen baby mice. Next to the nest of mice was another nest... I expected mice in the hay. What I did not expect was a baby rattlesnake. There it was--were there others?. Before i could get a tool to poke around and see, it was gone. Where's mama?

I concentrate on caring for the animals as a first priority, and after that, we will have to wait until after the election for the next innovation at Dancing TreePeople orchard. Brian is here for a week or two to help with the garden. we may or may not get the orchard mowed. We may or may not get the next experimental cover crop planted. We will not replace the sheep, for now. We will be lucky to plant vegetables, but won't get the food forest trees planted. While all this is left undone, much is afoot. We are planting different seeds this spring.

My effort lately has been to meet voters face-to-face. I am lucky now to be able to leave much of the daily organizing, phone calling, voter registration and fund-raising to others. We've created a campaign that gains more energy by the week. It's fun and it is already making a difference.

To have so many talented and interested campaign volunteers is both humbling and energizing. This campaign is designed to harness that willing energy. What I did not expect was how reinforcing the energy is to me as a candidate. The harder i work, the more volunteers and donations I receive. The more people donate of their time, talent and treasure, the more energy I have to give. Amazing.


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