Turkeys in Spring

Each morning for the past week and a half, wild turkeys have graced the orchard. The males puff up and spead their tales in their spring ritual. Turkeys really do gobble gobble, by the way.

Yesterday, I counted 72 turkeys. Even though they have shown up here every day this week, it seems so magical each time they appear. I hear them calling again at dusk, but see them only in the morning. Once the morning dew evaporates, the turkeys head for the hills.

Below are a couple of photos. Enjoy.


  1. What a beautiful, peace producing scene! Thanks for sharing. I have seen them on our land in Virginia, but never so numerous. Maybe when I go there to live . . .!

  2. hey denise, it's marilyn. what great photos. beautiful property, you are lucky to be able to buy real land in california! hope to see you when i am down again in july (coming next weekend for nonstop training) for jo's 40th! looking at those photos and i think you could easily sustain yourself by yourself. best of luck! love, m.

  3. Hi Dede....
    It's me, Aunti Barbara. These pics are great. They would make beautiful postcards. We don't have turkeys, but we do have many mallards and lots of geese. Not to mention the deer that love to eat our garden. And my roses. I guess there is plenty for all (including the goffers (sp..).


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