Lake County Community Sustainability

Just after the election, I decided to sponsor a "Meet-up" in this local area to meet folks that cared about peace and community democracy. I had no purpose in mind and no agenda really, I just wanted to meet some local people and personally avoid spiraling into despair after this last election. We had our third monthly meeting last night and I showed the movie: The End of Suburbia. This movie talks about the profound impact of reaching Peak Oil production on our North American way of life.

After the movie, we talked about the advantages we have here in Lake County as Peak Oil manifests itself in the economy and food/energy/oil prices: where locally grown food and local economies are significant advantages as oil becomes too expensive to use. Some acknowledged that focusing on local economy and sustainability is one of the best strategies to promote Peace and to counteract the politics of empire.

I was amazed by what happened. This group somehow magically coalesced into something exciting and energizing. The result of the meeting was that we decided to become a forum for furthering the discussion of local sustainability. Many shared an interest in sustainable practices: alternative energy, locally grown food (or growing your own), biodiesel, limiting consumption of goods etc.

We decided to rename the group from Community Democracy to something that is more non-partison The best I could come up with is "Lake County Community Sustainability Group" (any ideas?) The purpose of our group is to share ideas and experiences, and to promote actions and policies, related to preparing ourselves local community for life after Peak Oil.

Wow, I am jazzed by this.

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