Earth Regeneration: its about the soil!

I just finished a two day intro to permaculture course from the solar living center in Hopland and I am so jazzed. I was one of the oldest people in the course--most of the folks were under 30--many from all over the world, mostly the western U.S. I have come to believe that the permaculture skills and philosopies will be critical for survival (both physically and spiritually) in the years ahead. For the young, corporate jobs will become more scarce--and far less satisfying. We learned skills--NOT just for sustainability, but for regenerating our soils and our depleted Earth.

I came across this quote that makes so much sense to me in the space I am in right now:
"The ultimate end to a growth economy is the same as an analagous growth: cancer. But for national economies, the victims are nature, soils, forests, people, water, and quality of life. There is one, and only one, solution,and we have almost no time to try it. We must turn all our resources to repairing the natural world,and train all our young people to help. They want to. We need to give them this last chance to create forests, soils, clean waters, clean energies, secure communities, stable regions,and to know how to do it from hands-on experience" --Bill Mollison
The sacredness of preparing the beds and creating the soil for life became SO apparent. At our place in Upper Lake, I am finding that my two resources that most matter are (1) time and (2) soil. I am just beginning the soil-building and permaculture process here... and have such a long way to go for the place to be thriving and healthy and teaming with lush and abundant food. I find that the act of engaging in this process is centering spiritually and creates tremendous hope and transformation of spirit. Earth can regenerate, Earth can heal, and I can be a part of it.

I have decided to get educated. The courses I am taking will lead to a "Permaculture Certificate," which will enable me to teach others. Permaculture is based upon 3 ethics: (1) Earth Care--the land, soil, water and wildlife (2) People Care--Care for oneself and others and (3) Return the Surplus (Take only your fair share)

Isn't that the heart of my spirituality? Isn't that the center of the action I am destined to engage in? The energy I feel toward this is tremendous.


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