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Full-Focused Talent

As I travel this week through the Washington Dulles airport, I am struck by the focused human talent and energy devoted to the business and governmental machinery. Intelligent men and women buzz about, carrying their leather briefcases filled with memos, ad copy and laptops filled with data. I try to imagine what it would be like if all this creativity and talent were suddenly awakened to the cause of reforming or turning human interrelationship with each other and our planet home. Seems to me that the issues of justice, which are fundamentally relational, are directly related to getting this first planetary relationship right. In fact, for those who are devoted to their religious faith I might ask the question: what if the first and primary relationship with the divine is reflected in how we enter into the mystery of our relationship with creation? What if we were all to suddenly see this Earth--each hill, rock, stream and creature--as sacred? Thomas Berry said that Earth is a one tim

One Candle

So I've taken the plunge into Blogging.... my attempt to maintain sanity in an insane world. One small candle this dark night... one candle in a world gone stark raving mad. A year ago February, I joined with a dozen or so folks in a vigil. On that night, the eve of the Iraq war, we joined thousands, maybe millions in a candlelight prayer vigil for peace. I held my candle aloft into the dark night sky. How could my one candle stop this senseless war? I held it as a prayer, in fervent hope that seemed so utterly hopeless. The forces were building, a whole people would soon feel our shock and awe... and my weapon of defiance and hope? A candle. The act seemed so futile. I read today that the Eskimos are concerned about the arctic Caribou and seal as the glaciers shrink. Yesterday, I sat next to gentleman on the airplane who was playing an Army-produced desert storm wargame on his Dell Latitude. He carried AK47 and hand grenades, drove tanks and ATVs. He shot at anything that moved. T