Dare to Dream... a NEW STORY for humans on Planet Earth

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In a recent movie: Tomorrowland, the question was asked: "When did we stop imagining a positive future for ourselves and our world?" When did we believe the insanity that the future would be bleak and there is little we can do to change that?

What we dream and imagine we can create.

So despite the challenges humans and our planet face together, let's choose to re-imagine that we can create a positive future for ourselves, one where humans live in right relationship with the living systems and with each other.

This blog celebrates those who are imagining this -- a new story--and who are embracing their own creativity and finding a new way forward.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Musings From the Permaculture Garden

Nature teaches us: "The Problem is an Opportunity" Okay so give me every idea you can think of for how we turn this horrific and massive problem into an opportunity. I'll start.

This is a very real real opportunity to:

--shine a light on how the Tea Party actually governs. For real.

--take a firm stand for what we love

--build local connections and community to meet unmet needs

--grieve our losses

--engage in extreme self-care

--expose the obstructionist agenda for what it really is

--see the populist right confront the corporatist right

--cultivate compassion as we reach out and help those who will inevitably be left behind

--love each other

--tell stories and cultivate compassion

--strengthen grassroots actions on climate

--show up en masse to defend the sacred

--live our purpose. We are here for a reason.

Other opportunities?