Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Long View...

Our watershed is our lifeboat.

In the face of economic uncertainty, climate change and social challenges, the health of the watershed is the most significant indicator of our future economic, environmental and thus human health.  It is, in fact, what can sustain us going forward.  For our community, the watershed's most significant feature is Clear Lake.

Clear Lake is the oldest lake in the Northern Hemisphere and one of the most biologically diverse lakes in the world.  After 140+ years of destructive decisions, those of us who live here are left holding the bag--we, the seventh generation after first European-american took control of the watershed for economic gain, struggle with the aftermath of those decisions... an impaired water body, a devastated economy, and not enough investment to turn it around.

This evening, I participated in an educational panel for our local Measure S-- the measure intended to created a stable local funding source for improving the health of Clear Lake.  My main point was this:  it takes very little effort to defeat a local ballot initiative when a "supermajority" of 66.7% is required for passage.  All you have to do is convince a handful of people (200 or so) to switch their vote.  This is accomplished by (1) sowing distrust of government by claiming with 20-20 hindsight that poor decisions were made, (2) Suggesting unrealistic alternatives and make them sound believeable. and (3) Tell people who don't ave money that it will cost them.  That's it.  On this particular measure--the community is united like never before: even the Sierra Club and the Chamber of Commerce agree.  But powerless people exercise their power by working to defeat the measure--all based on a pack of lies.  My hope is that a supermajority of the public can see through their shenanigans.  Why we cannot make the connection between environmental investment and human health is still a mystery to me.

The bottom line: our generation has a moral and fiduciary responsible for this Lake.  What will future generations say about our actions?  Will this be seen as the positive turning point?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Seven interviews.... Entrepreneurs and the New Story

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Grapes of Wrath 2.0

Clear in the San Joaquin Valley today--a few days ago, not so much.  We were startled when my cellphone emitted a siren warning of "SEVERE DUST STORMS" no kidding.  It was a swirling wind and a brown cloud... a moving fog surrounded us.  Headlights on, we pressed on through what I can only call "the badlands" -- with the thought that we were breathing topsoil.

California is parched.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Orchard: Early Spring?

If we had a local groundhog emerge yesterday, it would have predicted an early spring here at Dancing TreePeople Orchard. The signs of spring are everywhere: daffodils are emerging, jonquils have already begun their flowering, the orchard canopy is teaming with a variety of birds: robins, redwing blackbirds, swallows, wild turkey, red-headed woodpeckers and an occasional heron. On the domestic front, last seasons chick have begun laying eggs, though they have not selected a consistent location: each day brings another egg hunt for sport and entertainment.

Our soil is soft and saturated with the recent rain, grasses, grains and legumes have sprouted. I wish I had made some seed balls this winter as the conditions are perfect for their sprouting right now. Perhaps next season.

In the meantime, it is a joy to plan this years garden: the soils are alive with rich compost and rotting straw cover. Dancing TreePeople orchard is coming back to life.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Today, I made lentil soup and served it with some crusty garlic bread. Lentil soup on New Year's Day is a tradition in our family. My grandmother and great grandmother brought the tradion over from Germany--it was believed that lentils on New Years Day would bring abundance and health in the year to come.

Loretta's tradition is the observe January 1 with a Peace Prayer. This can take a variety of forms and focuses on the world and others outside our own community.

So today, we combined the traditions and had others over for a peace prayer and lentil soup as a celebration of the day.